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This book presents another adventure of the world famous sailor and adventurer named Sinbad. It is the second tale out of seven. Sinbad was born in Baghdad. His life was full of exciting travelings. After the first voyage, he spent some time in comfort and tranquility. But very soon Sinbad got bored. The tireless sailor wanted to go into the open sea and raise the sail once more. He packed his belongings and set off for the port of Basra. There he found a good ship, ready for a long journey. Sinbad began his new long-awaited adventure. His fellow travelers were merchants who sold and bought things. Sinbad followed their example. The first several months were calm and monotonous. But then something interesting happened.

Ana was born in the east of Cuba, in a small unremarkable town. She was a cheerful child and loved running from early childhood. Sport was important not only for her, but also for her family. The Cuban government was interested in good doctors, smart teachers and strong athletes. At the age of ten, Ana became a good runner. She won most of the competitions in running, some of them — barefoot. The girl was training every day. She worked hard and waited for that moment, when someone would notice her. In the end, she succeeded — the girl was invited to one sports school. Other children were tall and strong, and the girl herself began to lose speed. She was getting heavier and slower. But soon Ana met a man who helped her regain motivation. She obtained a new life goal.

Each summer is hot in the south of America, but this summer turned out to be very hot. The August was warmer than usual. All the animals on the plantation were having a rest. Fox was sitting quietly in the shade of a huge tree and drinking cold lemonade. Everything was great, except one thing. It was Rabbit. Fox did not like Rabbit. However, no one loved him. This guy was a lover of dubious jokes and could play a trick on anyone. Before his appearance, the plantation was a quiet, cozy place, but Rabbit came out of nowhere and tricked Fox, Bear, Turtle and Wolf. His best joke was a scarecrow of resin in a straw hat. He put it in front of Fox's house. Of course, Fox stuck to the man of resin. Since that time, he had been disliking Rabbit.

Della's home is a cheap flat in poor area in New York. The rent for the flat is thirty two dollars per month. Tomorrow is Christmas, but Della does not have money. You can't buy a good present for less than two dollars. Della has already counted her money for three times — one dollar and eighty-five cents. It isn't enough. Della bursts into tears. Earlier James earned thirty dollars a week, but later the salary greatly decreased. They have not enough money. Della just looks into the window and sees a grey cat. She wants to buy a memorable gift for James, but she can't afford it. But she has bright eyes and long golden hair. They own only two treasures for two: Della's gorgeous hair and James's watch. He got it from his grandfather.

Mr. Hall was a priest from a small village. One day he was working in the office when his servant entered. The woman was alarmed. She said that the squire died. Mr. Hall was surprised, because he had seen this man the day before. But soon the church bell rang, notifying the village of someone's death. It was true. People said that the squire suddenly got some terrible unusual disease. He passed away very quickly and they decided to bury him as soon as possible. The priest took his clothes and left the office to learn all the details. As it turned out, the squire said he did not want to be buried in the family crypt. He wished to be buried in an ordinary grave in a cemetery. The priest thought that the man was too ill to realize what he was talking about. But the last desire must be fulfilled.

Johnny Appleseed was born near Boston. When he was a child, he often played in the woods and talked to the animals. They were his friends. He loved them very much. The boy's family was extremely religious. So Johny's first book was the Bible. But the boy also loved reading Aesop's Fables. In adolescence, Johnny worked as a missionary and brought many Indians to Christianity. They became his friends too. At the age of 26, he saw an angel in a dream. The angel ordered him to go throught America and plant apple seeds. Johnny was surprised, but happily agreed. He was a decent guy and loved helping people. This seemed a good deed to him. He took a large bag of apple kernels, a Bible, and Aesop's Fables. That was all Johny needed on the way.

It was the end of the eighteenth century. One man of science lived in the world. One day he left his laboratory and met a young beautiful woman. Later she became his wife. Aylmer sincerely loved his spouse, but still science remained the main passion of the young man. One day, he looked at his wife and asked if she knew that he could remove the birthmark from her cheek. The wife said this birthmark only gave her a special charm. Aylmer kept standing on his own. He said the mole was very annoying. But these words only made his wife sad and the woman started crying. This mole looked like a small handprint. Her parents said that the fairy stroked her cheek in the childhood. Even after this Aylmer did not calm down. He became obsessed with the birthmark.

Bill was born in the 1800's as the youngest child in the family. When he was two years old, his parents decided to move to the West of America. It seemed a good idea. The family loaded all their belongings into a covered trailer. A difficult journey began. They rode through hot plains, dense forests and mountains. The family saw a lot of interesting things and met a tribe of friendly Indians. Already in Texas, little Bill fell out of the trailer. No one noticed. Later everybody searched for him for a long time — in vain. Bill's relatives decided to continue the journey without their youngest child. The little baby was able to survive. He find a coyote cave. Some wild animals started protecting him. The boy lived with the predators for about twenty years.

This story begins with an unusual scene. A civilian in the clothes of a planter is standing on the bridge. There are several soldiers in the form of the Confederate States near him. The Civil War is going on in Alabama.The only spectators of this scene are a few more soldiers standing nearby. The civilian is looking at the water thinking how to escape. He is dreaming of returning to his wife and children and is ready to use the slightest chance for this. But the captain nods and the penalty begins. The second part of the story begins from the life of a wealthy slave owner. He lives in Alabama and did not join the army. But still he is ready to help the Confederate States. And soon the slaver gets this long awaited opportunity.

Erin Brockovich is one of the widely known and successful roles of Julia Roberts. This is a film about the lif of an intelligent about the lif of an intelligent young American woman. She is raising up three young children alone. That movie has everything you need for a good story – a tenseplot and a happy ending. The story of Erin Brockovich is real. In real life everything was a little bit different. The woman had no job, no money and no husband. But three young children needed to be fed. She said firmly to herself, 'I will find a job'. Day after day, she looked for vacancies, but every time she got a refusal. In the end, Erin came to her lawyer with the words: 'I am smart and hardworking. Give me a job.' It was a strange way, but it worked. And this was the beginning of a new life phase for Erin.

Although «The Wind in the Willows» was primarily written for a young audience, the book can be of great interest to both children and adults. It follows the adventures of wild animals living on the river bank. Mr. Toad is very rich and lives in a luxurious house called Toad Hall. Toad is a good animal, but he is extremely vain. Besides, he has a weird obsession with vehicles: boats, caravans, motorcars. His friends Mole, Rat and Badger are worried about him. They try to convince Toad to quit this hobby, but he doesn't listen. One day he goes too far and steals a car. Toad finds himself in jail, but he doesn't give up. He uses clever tricks to run away. When Toad finally gets home, he learns unpleasant news: Toad Hole has been taken by ferrets and weasels. Will Toad and his friends be able to get the house back?

The day did not foretell anything unusual. Police officer Harry Evans is driving along an abandoned country road in a private car and is thinking about some urgent matters. Everything is familiar and too boring. Suddenly a young man notices something very strange. It is a mysterious phenomenon. This thing obviously should not be in the usual suburb. It reminds of cosmic. It looks amazing, as if it came from another world. Is it really… a spaceship? Harry even closes his eyes in the hope of waking up from a ridiculous dream. He begins to hear strange music. Harry stops the car. He is going to learn what has happened here. At this point, the police officer still does not know that in a short time life will change greatly.

Everything happened in Alabama. Bill Driscoll and Old Hank thought they needed more money. They decided to kidnap a child. People in small towns love their children very much. In such places you can find lazy fat sheriffs who do not like investigating crimes. They found a boy in one of the courtyards. First thing the child threw a stone in the Bill's eye. With great difficulty, they managed to grab the boy, even though he fought like a bear. The child was taken to a cave, not far from the town. There was already a small supply of food. When Bill returned to the cave, he saw a fire in front of it and the boy with feathers in his hair. Old Hank said they were playing Indians. And that was just the beginning. Bill realized that this child could cause more problems than any adult.

The story takes place in medieval England. It was the period of the reign of King Henry the Fourth and the widely known bloody war between the Red and the White Roses. Richard Shelton is the main character of the story. He is the son of a famous English knight. The young man will have to face numerous ordeals. A messenger arrives in the village, which is owned by Sir Burkeley. He brings an urgent order for all men to go on the march immediately. At this time, a black arrow flies into the castle with a note in which a famous rogue tells, that he wans to kill Sir Burkeley. This is where the story begins. This is classic chivalrous prose at its best. This is a tale of sword battles, revenge for fathers and battles for restoring honor.

How do you live when you are a vocalist of a famous rock band? You're used to standing on the stage, watching your devoted fans. To feel the real glory, to create really high-quality music is your vocation. You can't imagine your life without all these things. The next big show is to start soon. The hall is full, the fans are excited and you see the bright light of the spotlights and hear the rich sound of an electric guitar. But shortly before the concert a policeman arrives. He warns: there will be a psychopathic killer in the hall. What should the band do? Cancel the show? Or risk everything and give the fans what they are waiting for? Cindy needs to make this choice, as she is the leader singer of «Strawberry and The Sensations».

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