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Dumas is a French classic writer and master of the adventure novel. The young Gascon D'Artagnan is full of bold plans to conquer Paris. He arrives on a horse at the capital. He wants to become a musketeer like his father. He gets into a trouble from the first steps on the way to his dream. It will change his life forever. D'Artagnan is nimble and agile, cheerful and noble. He attracts not only a lot of friends, but also many enemies. These foes want to see such a brave and faithful man on their side. Three Musketeers and D'Artagnan are devoted to their king and queen Their life is full of conspiracies and intrigues, fights and feats. They always act together and their motto is «One for all and all for one». This motto leads them to the victor

Everything started from the fact that a rock gave birth to an egg. A monkey hatched from it. The future king of monkeys easily found a common language with the monkeys born naturally. After a while, they recognized his superiority and chose him their king. Many years later, the monkey king started worrying about his death. He decided to leave his kingdom and to go into the unknown in search of immortality. At the very beginning of the journey, he studied magic and learned how to transform into various objects. Then he had to kill a demon. Finally, he found the registry of death where he struck out his name and the names of many other monkeys. Gods united and arrested the immortal Monkey King. But the Monkey King didn’t lie when he called himself a great and wise king. He managed to escape from the heaven prison.

At the end of the nineteenth century, a metal object fell from the sky in the South of England and made a large hole in the ground. People came to learn, what had happened. They surrounded the hole, looking at the strange object. When one end of the object started opening, the watchers realized it was hollow. Was there anybody inside? But the creatures, which came out, were not homo sapiens… Gradually people began to realize that these creatures were from Mars. A small group of scientists and many other people who had come to see, were killed instantly. Later the second object landed and then the third one. Are the Martians trying to take our planet away? Is it true? And what are our chances for victory in the war against the civilization, whose development is for thousand years ahead. Moreover, the Martians become stronger in the atmosphere.

Three of ordinary schoolchildren – Jerry, Jimmy, and Cathy had summer vacation. After tiring lessons children had finally obtained freedom and escaped to the countryside in searching of adventures. Soon they found a hidden cave behind the bushes. Children's interest and adventurism makes them go down to the hole. When they passed that they have found themselves in a strange place. Later they have found a huge castle, and opposite it there was stretching a maze of hedges. After they had found the centre of a maze, they met a girl. Schoolchildren took this girl for an enchanted princess, as well as the castle became enchanted for them. The princess invites them to the castle and begins to show the wonders inside it. They find a magic ring, but will it give them only good?

Elizabeth, one of five unmarried daughters of a poor but respectable family Bennett. The main sense of her life Mrs. Bennet sees the marriage of their daughters. When the neighbourhoods have settled two eligible bachelors, Mr. Charles Bingley and Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy, the life of each of the daughters Bennett has filled whirlwind of events. A fun and easy temper Bingley immediately have to appeal to all in the area, which can not be said about Darcy – an attractive, wealthy, educated, but reclusive and arrogant. Elizabeth has won the heart of a young aristocrat, but she rejected him in disgust: Darcy saw her too arrogant and complacent, he was scared a material difference in their social position. And the story also told by Mr. Wickhams cruel deed which had been done by Darcy to hate Elizabeth. Will Darcy get favours from a young lady or wrap up hatred to love?

It is a quite unusual detective story where each character has a motive to commit a crime. The scene is laid in a fictional English village. The novel is narrated in the third person. Dr James Sheppard becomes an assistant of Hercule Poirot. This is he, who tells the story to the reader. Mrs Ferrars, a rich widow, died. The reason was the drugs overdose. The peasants believe it was a suicide. They say Mrs Ferrars killed her husband by poisoning many years ago. But then another widower died. He wanted to marry Mrs Ferrars. People started suspecting his sister-in-law because she had many debts. Her daughter Flora, major Blunt and many relatives of the late bridegroom are suspected. The bride of the prime suspect asks Poirot to investigate this difficult case and find the killer.

What can be worse than war? Only the Civil War. Spain, May 1937. The first year of the Civil War is coming to end. Robert Jordan is a young teacher and socialist from America. He comes to Spain like many thousands others like him to help people who are his kindred spirits. The book describes three days of his life he spent at the front. Robert is a demolition man. He gets an order to blow up the bridge at the enemy's rear. This task is a part of the offensive operation of the Republican Guard. After getting to the right place, Robert meets the partisans who live in the mountains near the bridge. The partisans should help him even if it costs them their lives. There are brave men and cowards, kind and reliable, traitors among them. The novel «For Whom the Bell Tolls» is on the 8th place in the list «100 books of the 20th century».

This exciting story will admire those readers, who like mythical stories about vampires. Mysterious creatures, which hypnotize their victims and drink blood. One autumn evening two friends Alfred and Elliot were sitting near the fire and having an interesting conversation about their thrilling adventures. Alfred is a journalist and he often has to deal with supernatural. His best friend Elliot helps him in his investigations. They have just come from an exciting but scaring travel in Norway, where they had a case with a ghost. An unexpected note interrupted their dinner. It seems that friends are going to face a new case: the note was from count Dracula. The next day Alfred and Elliot are meeting at the station and leaving for Romania.

This is a romantic love story about fidelity, friendship and a ridiculous cruelty of war. Ada is a beautiful daughter of a priest. One day she meets a silent and thoughtful Inman. The civil war starts and their affair is suspended. Inman goes to the front. He promises to come back with the victory. The years are passing but the war isn’t stopping. Ada is waiting for her beloved. Is he alive? Does he remember her? The young woman hardly copes with the difficulties of a daily civil life. The memories about Inman, love and expectations give her strength to live. Inman realizes that his beloved Ada is exhausted, her heart is torn. She asks him to come back. Inman leaves the front and starts going home to cold Mountain and becomes a deserter.

On that day a young woman was walking with her dog on the bank of the river Thames. She was in deep thoughts about the future holidays with her husband. Suddenly something broke her dormancy. The dog was barking desperately at a swimming female corpse. The police inspector James Hudson discovered, that the dead woman had been the second victim of a serial maniac. The first one was killed four weeks ago, when the moon was full. The murderer sent to the police the weapon of his crime – a belt from the dress, which he used to strangle the girl. He also sent a note with a sign «Jack the Skipper». In that note he was laughing at the helpless policemen. The hard case is waiting for the inspector Hudson. First he has to find out the connection between the two victims.

Button came into the world in far 1860, it was the last day of the War. He looked like an old, little man. His father was upset and wanted to kill him, but then he exposed him to the hospitage. People around thought that this man was born for suffering, but he had become one of the happiest people in the world. The nature’s anomaly had born him and given the great opportunity – Conversely live. He wasn't getting older like everybody, he was becoming younger the whole his life. He had a hard way, full of sense, friendship, and good people. And the most important – by love. Our hero got acquainted with the world around through communication with old people that’s why he avoided mistakes, which usual people always make.

A sophisticated detective Poirot has to solve another tangled case. One evening he had an unexpected guest. A schoolgirl Julia Upjohn told about series of awful crimes at her school 'Meadowbank' – from kidnapping to murders. Such series of crimes couldn't be solved sitting on a chair, so Hercule rushed to mentioned school immediately. The investigation followed to the begging of the first offenses that started during revolution in the Palace of Ramat two months ago. Prince of Ramat and his private pilot were surrounded by rebels and were close to death. The only thing Prince wanted to save from Palace was a leather pouch full of jewels of value more than million pounds. In desperation Price gave such precious pouch to his pilot and asked him to get it out of the country. The confused pilot had found best solution was to hide treasure in his sister and daughter's own baggage.

Miss Marple is a fragile and a kind woman with a very sharp mind. When her friend Mrs Elspeth McGillicuddy came to her and told her a terrifying story, they had to call the police. Elspeth was travelling by train and when she suddenly woke up at midnight, she unexpectedly saw a horrible scene – a man was strangling a woman in the train that was passing by. Witnesses started to call for help, but a conductor didn't believe her and just thought that crazy woman had a nightmare. Nobody really believed in this story at the police either, because there are weren't any reports about a the crime at the train. As soon as Mrs McGillicuddy finished her story, Miss Marple had already had some ideas about this crime. And while Elspeth was still crying and complaining that nobody believed her, Miss Marple was already considering how the criminal got rid of the corpse.

This story is told by faithful friend of Hercule Poirot. Old friends used to work together solving crimes, haven't seen each other for years. Captain Arthur Hastings has married and left for South Africa. Poirot himself already retired and worked as private detective. Hastings was passing through London and decided to visit an old friend at his new apartments. Capitan had noticed that Poirot had not changed a lot – famous detective still wit, his mustache still big and beautiful, and he still helps police with their investigations. During the meeting of former colleagues Poirot received a letter from a criminal who challenged him. Author signed as someone mysteries 'ABC' and proposed to solve a crime that will be committed in future. So again Poirot and his partner would work together solving a complicated case.

Two sisters Dorothea and Celia are very alike – they young and beautiful, but they have very different nature. Dorothea is very sensible and religious and Celia is sweet and quite careless. Two men who visit sisters’ house have oblivious intention to marry Dorothea. One of them is young and handsome baronet Sir James Chettam, another one is the Reverend Edward Casaubon. Mr Casaubon is also a scholar who devoted all his life for writing book about religious history. Although Reverend was much older than Dorothea, and looked like dry mummy as other villagers say, Dorothea preferred him to baronet. New family spend they honeymoon in Rome cause Casaubon has to work at library of Vatican. Here Dorothea suddenly feels disappointed by her marriage…

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