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Alvis was a dark elf. People did not like his folk. They believed that all the existing elves were greedy and unfriendly. But Alvis decided to change everything. He told many other elves they were as good as other people. He was going to prove it and marry the daughter of Thor. Of course, everyone was laughing at him. No one believed that an elf could come to terms with the formidable and powerful God of Thunder. Alvis waited for the night and crept over the Rainbow Bridge to Asgard. Soon he met a big and strong man with a red beard in the clothes of a farmer. He got into conversation with this man and said that he wanted to marry Thor's daughter. Elvis was convinced that the farmer could not be a god. He did not know that it was Thor himself.

It was a deep night. Eight people gathered in a small house. They were sitting around a simple wooden table. One man was reading a book under the light of an old desk lamp. There was also the ninth person — the owner of the house. He was laying under a white rag dead. It was quiet in the house. Only the birds were shouting outside the window. The men gathered in the house had an important job. They had to understand how the owner of the house died. It was up to them to reveal the truth. They were farmers with tanned faces and strong muscles from the work in the field. The man with the book was different from them. With a hat and a mustache, he looked like an important educated person. The coroner was reading a diary that belonged to the dead man.

Mr. Brown's house is not far from the center of the city. But despite this, he has a nice small garden with lots of flowers. Mr. Brown likes sitting there for hours, resting after a long day. He would just sit and look at the bright flowers. His work is far from home, he has to go there by bus. Mr. Brown has almost no friends. He returns from the office and sits in his garden, lonely and sad. One day he decides to go home on foot: the day is hot. He wants to take a walk. On the way, Mr. Brown sees the store — old things are being sold there, and the man decides to stop by. He examines the goods and sees an old doll with a very sad face. Mr. Brown thinks this doll is as lonely as he is. He buys it, even though he is an adult who does not play with dolls.

A young pilot Cathy Fox has lost her job. She is said to be seriously ill. But Cathy tells a completely different story. Last year she flew a space-plane called «Space Bird One». Two other girls accompanied her. Helen was another astronaut and Mary was a journalist. The trip was very important and it was broadcast all over the world. The flight was going well until the girls saw a strange object. Mary wanted to discuss it on the TV, but the other girls did not let her. As the space-plane tried to move away from the object, the motors suddenly broke down. The plane went out of the Earth's orbit at the risk of never coming back. Fortunately, the pilots found a way out. What the girls saw on the dark side of the Moon changed their lives forever.

As the god of cunning and deception, Loki was very intelligent and treacherous. He had three children from different mothers. Jormungand was a giant snake that slept on the ocean floor, covering the whole earth with his rings. Hel was a girl whose one half of the face looked beautiful, and the second half was terrible, like death itself. Fenrir was a huge wolf. God Tyr loved to play with him when Fenrir was a cub. But he grew and became bigger and stronger. The gods realized that Fenrir was too dangerous and could kill all of them. They decided to tie the wolf so that he could not harm anyone. But which chain on earth would be able to hold such a monster? The gods went to the dwarves who made the hammer of Thor and lots of other incredible things.

There are many types of mountains on Earth. Some of them are covered with thick green forests while the tops of others are covered with ice and snow. It is very cold there. There are some dry and hot mountains. Many rivers begin high in the mountains. This is an amazing part of nature. In fact, the mountains appear even today. These are parts of the crust that change shape due to volcanic eruptions, earthquakes or tectonic plate movements deep underground. Life in the mountains can be pretty hard, but people live there. The main point is there are no good roads, shops or hospitals. People have to ride animals or on foot, as cars cannot drive everywhere. At high altitude, the air is thin, and you have to get used to it. Are there mountains in the area where you live?

The action of this comedy takes place in a large apartment in London and in a country estate. The reader meets a young man Algernon from an ancient aristocratic family. Now Algernon is sitting in the apartment and expecting his aunt, who is to come for tea soon. To kill time, he is talking with a footman named Lane. Both men are very fond of philosophizing without any reason. Suddenly his buddy Jack appears. This is a faithful opponent of Algernon in all disputes and endeavors, but at the same time a pleasant conversationalist. Both are tired of secular concerns and constant affairs. Algernon and Jack are extremely irresponsible egoists and like to accuse each other of infantility and frivolity. And these two gentlemen often gather together.

Pollyanna is eleven years old. She is an orphan. Despite this, the girl is an incorrigible optimist. Long ago, her mother married a poor priest and left the country. The couple died. Now Pollyanna has only an aunt. Aunt Polly decides to take her niece due to a great sense of duty. The woman is maximally unemotional, cynical and does not believe in love. She convinced herself she does not need sincere emotions. The woman puts her niece in a small and uncomfortable room. Still Pollyanna enjoys a pleasant view from the window. The girl is unpretentious, joyful and always in motion. First Polly is confused. Then she begins to get used to this philosophy of the little cheerful girl. Polly realizes that this is exactly what is missing in her life.

Nowadays English is spoken in many countries. It is the most common and convenient language for business. No less than twenty-five percent of the world population speaks it. That is why it is often called the world language. English is often used in science, cinema and music. Most of successful, popular films and songs are also in English. This language began to spread when the British tribes conquered new lands: North America and the Caribbean islands. In additin, this country was technically developed. Lots of new inventions were created in Britain. So residents of other countries had to learn English in order to use them. Later, the business became the main reason to teach English as the money is the main engine of progress.

More than a thousand people attended the Boom Boom funeral. Many of them were fans of the Black Hawks hockey team. Boom Boom was a player of this team and one of the biggest hockey stars a few years ago. But during one of the games he broke his left ankle. For a very long time he did not want to believe that he could no longer be a professional athlete. But in the end, he still humbled himself and found a job that was far from sport. His body was discovered near the pier. It was floating in the water. Boom Boom was the uncle of the main character. They grew up in douthern Chicago. The real name of this man was Bernard, but his childhood friends called him Boom. He liked this name and always used it. But this story is not about the life of Boom Boom. It is focused on what happened after his death.

There is the end of the twenty-first century on the streets. High-tech cities are filled with people. Each resident wears a special chip under his skin, which allows him to use all modern technologies. The outside world froze on the verge of a great disaster. Now it is contaminated. It is abandoned by most of the inhabitants, who once left it for their own safety. Sala is the main character of this story. The girl has been living in one of such high-tech cities since the age of ten. In this world of the future, virtual simulations are created in order to replace many social areas. Sala works in a laboratory with her friends. It is an ordinary evening now. But something very unusual is to happen soon.

This is the author's second novel, which features the classic characters beloved by the reader. These are Bertie Wooster and his faithful valet Jeeves. Bertie is a true gentleman and a member of high society. He is a kind person who always tries to do something good. But usually his countless efforts bring only problems. When Bertie makes an attempt to reconcile old friends, this develops into an even greater scandal. Fortunalety for him, Jeeves is always at his disposal. Jeeves is his right hand. The valet knows how to solve any problem as he often has to do it. In this book, the reader will find an interesting dynamic plot and sparkling humour. This is the main reason to enjoy this worthy novel.

It is the end of July. But the residents of Barchester do not think about warm weather. One much more important question occupies their minds. Who will be the new bishop? Their versions have been constantly changing for the past ten days. It has been bothering people more and more. The previous bishop had been serving for many years. Several years ago the man fell ill and everyone understood his disease was fatal. The bishop was to die. Some time later he died peacefully in his sleep. People remember him as a calm and gentle person. Now they think his son will be the next bishop. But as reality shows, everything rarely happens exactly the way the people expect. Difficult times are waiting for the small town.

The protagonist of the book is not very happy with his life. He has a very monotonous job. He is an insurance payment expert. The hero often travels around the country, but every journey is similar to the previous one. Even on the trip he is surrounded by the same things and exactly the same people. The state of health also troubles. For a long time, the man has been suffering from severe insomnia. It is getting more difficult for him to perceive the world around. The doctor suggests to visit a support group for seriously ill patients and see how real problems look like. Soon the protagonist meets a strange young man named Tyler. After a while, a girl named Marla comes to the support group. She is so afraid of death that watching terminally ill people reassures her. These two people will change the life of the hero.

Do you often look at the sky? What can you see? The Moon or many stars. Is that all? What about other living things? Do they exist? Do they live in space? And will humanity ever be able to talk to them? For many years scientists with powerful telescopes have been trying to get answers to these questions. People have long wanted to learn about other creatures. People thought about how they might look. Little green men or tall humanoids with big eyes? The films and books show a variety of different images of aliens. Do they look like real inhabitants of other planets? Nobody knows. Some people think aliens will definitely be friendly. Others believe they are dangerous. But scientists do not expect that guests from space will fly to Earth. They are sure that the first contact will be established via messages.

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