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Once Thor woke up in his bedroom and did not find his hammer. Every day he would wake up and first of all take Mjolnir into his hands. This hammer helped him invoke thunder and lightning. It was even able to make Thor stronger than one hundred warriors. With the hammer the God of Thunder could defeat any rival. He fought the formidable giants, but no one could stop him when Thor was holding his hammer. But that strange morning there was no faithful weapon in the bedroom. Thor called Loki. He realized that when unpleasant or strange things happened — the God of liars had definitely something to do with it. Loki insisted that he knew nothing about the missing hammer. And this time he did not lie. Loki offered his help and the gods soon found out who had stolen the great weapon.

In some distant northern lands there was a mountain, the top of which was hidden in a big ring of hot flames. The fire was so strong that the top could not be seen from the ground. One day a mighty and fearless warrior was riding a horse near this mountain. It was Sigurd. Certainly he became interested in this bright fire. The warrior immediately drove to the top. The horse was frightened, but Sigurd kept riding. When he got to the ring of flame, he realized that he needed to cross it to find out what was next. The horse submitted to its owner and jumped through the firewall. The flame was left behind and Sigurd saw a palace on the top of the mountain. It was a real mystery. He felt that he could not leave without learning what was inside.

Freya was the most beautiful out of all the gods and goddesses in Asgrad. She was tall and stately with long blond hair and bright blue eyes. She was a good woman. Still Freya had one fault — greed. She loved not food or weapon, but adored jewelry: pearls, gold, precious stones, rings and necklaces. The goddess had a lot of jewels. Despite this, she always wanted more. Her wish for these precious things turned into an obsession. She had the largest collection in Asgard. But those jewels from other worlds were an enormous temptation for her. Freya loved travelling to Midgard in search of countless new bracelets and necklaces. One day, Loki put on his cloak that made him invisible and followed the goddess to play another joke on her.

Alvis was a dark elf. People did not like his folk. They believed that all the existing elves were greedy and unfriendly. But Alvis decided to change everything. He told many other elves they were as good as other people. He was going to prove it and marry the daughter of Thor. Of course, everyone was laughing at him. No one believed that an elf could come to terms with the formidable and powerful God of Thunder. Alvis waited for the night and crept over the Rainbow Bridge to Asgard. Soon he met a big and strong man with a red beard in the clothes of a farmer. He got into conversation with this man and said that he wanted to marry Thor's daughter. Elvis was convinced that the farmer could not be a god. He did not know that it was Thor himself.

As the god of cunning and deception, Loki was very intelligent and treacherous. He had three children from different mothers. Jormungand was a giant snake that slept on the ocean floor, covering the whole earth with his rings. Hel was a girl whose one half of the face looked beautiful, and the second half was terrible, like death itself. Fenrir was a huge wolf. God Tyr loved to play with him when Fenrir was a cub. But he grew and became bigger and stronger. The gods realized that Fenrir was too dangerous and could kill all of them. They decided to tie the wolf so that he could not harm anyone. But which chain on earth would be able to hold such a monster? The gods went to the dwarves who made the hammer of Thor and lots of other incredible things.

It was a quiet and sunny day in the early summer. Thor and Loki were strolling around Asgard. Thor was bored. Thor did not like to rest and laze, he adored only one thing — fighting with the giants. He told Loki about that. Loki tried to convince Thor that Asgard was the most beautiful place in the universe and it was a great opportunity just to relax and enjoy the views. All his words were for nothing. Thor was not very interested. He was ready to harness the goats into the cart and fly to fight with the giants. His soul demanded something militant. After all, the giants themselves could appear in the land of Gods at any time and cause a lot of problems. Loki was not too convincing and he had to go on this dangerous journey with Thor.

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