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How did the history of America begin? Did it start from the settlers who came to the Indian tribes? No, everything started much earlier. The Indians arrived from another land about 40 000 years ago! They crossed the sea and settled in America. The contacts with more civilized nations brought Indians weapons, new knowledge about agriculture and a lot of dangerous diseases from which the entire tribes died. Immerse yourself in this interesting time and learn more than can be seen in the films about the Wild West. In reality, everything was much more complicated. Find out the names of the most famous Indian leaders and ancient explorers, learn more about the key moments that have changed the history of the whole world.

The story is set in Salem, Massachusetts. The town is known for the witch hangings in 1692. That's why it's often called the «Witch City». Megan and Kelly have recently moved here with their parents. Now it is late October and Halloween is approaching. Megan, Kelly and their classmates are very excited. They prepare costumes and decorations. Then they look for a place to celebrate. The children decide to visit one of the Salem Witch Museums for inspiration. In the museum something strange happens. Megan sees a scary old lady, even though the museum attendant assures her that the children are the only visitors. In the end the friends find an abandoned house near the cemetery and decide to have a Halloween party there. But the party turns out to be much scarier than they could ever imagine.

Davy Crockett is a legendary personality for the United States of America. This is the first hero of this country, who lived when America just came into existence. Davy proved himself to be an excellent scout, hunter and politician. Davy refused the opportunity to build a brilliant career in the Congress and went to Texas. There he helped Americans: men and women. He became the hero of the Alamo. The courage and strong spirit of this amazing officer changed the history of the country. Davy died, defending the fortress in Alamo. It happened during the War for Independence of Texas. Nowadays you can find a lot of books and movies about this man. Even our children can learn more about the great person thanks to the fascinating book.

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