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Поиск по тегу «kung fu spice»

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The main character of this story is Alex Chen. He is a shy and not very confident teenager. He thinks he isn't good at anything except maybe cooking. The boy lives in Liverpool with his parents. Alex's Chinese grandmother always comes to Liverpool for the Chinese New Year. This time she surprises everyone by some news. Her younger brother Tong Po is going visit them soon. Tong Po used to study kung fu at the Shaolin Temple. Alex is excited. Now he can tell his school friends that his great uncle is a kung fu fighter. To the boy's disappointment, Uncle Tong Po is only a kung fu cook. He decides to help Alex improve his cooking skills. After some hard work his cooking indeed becomes much better. Besides, Uncle gives him a magic kung fu spice. However, when a crucial day comes, Alex can't find it.

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