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King of the Black Islands Mahmoud died. His young son inherited the throne. Soon he married his cousin. The young man loved his wife very much and thought it was mutual. But the girl was a bad wife. She had no tender feelings for her husband. And also she was a witch. The king and queen had lived together for five years. But this king's happiness was not to last any longer. One day the monarch happened to hear a conversation between two maids. They said it was very sad that the queen did not love her husband. Every night the sly witch poured the sleeping potion into the king's glass and went to her lover. The next night, the king decided not to drink wine. In despair he followed his unfaithful wife to the wood and killed her lover.

It was New Year in the city of Shiraz, Persia. Lots of people came to the central square. The king and his family were also present. There was music around and people were dancing. There were snake charmers, jugglers, a variety of drinks and delicious food. Suddenly a man with a beautiful ebony horse approached the king. He told the king that it was an unusual horse. If you pressed a button on its neck, this horse would be able to fly and bring the passenger to any place. The king got interested. He wanted to get such a magical horse. The man agreed to present it if the king allowed him to marry the princess. First the monarch ordered his son to test this horse. The prince pressed the button on its neck and disappeared in the clouds.

This book presents another adventure of the world famous sailor and adventurer named Sinbad. It is the second tale out of seven. Sinbad was born in Baghdad. His life was full of exciting travelings. After the first voyage, he spent some time in comfort and tranquility. But very soon Sinbad got bored. The tireless sailor wanted to go into the open sea and raise the sail once more. He packed his belongings and set off for the port of Basra. There he found a good ship, ready for a long journey. Sinbad began his new long-awaited adventure. His fellow travelers were merchants who sold and bought things. Sinbad followed their example. The first several months were calm and monotonous. But then something interesting happened.

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