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Jane Eyre – an orphan, that nature has given a very strong-willed and independent temper. She spent her childhood, full of hardship and humiliation. Jane’s growing up brings a lot of problems. She got to an orphanage, where she spent her childhood and youth. There, in a very challenging environment, her temper became even more stronger. When she grew up, she felt the need to go further in life, so Jane gave an advert for work and got it as a governess in Thornfield manor. There she fell in love with Mr. Rochester, owner of the estate, that changed her whole life. Received from him a marriage proposal, Jane felt happy perhaps for the first time in her life. Young people were getting ready for the wedding. But in this long-awaited day for them a terrible secret revealed that radically changes their lives…

Three young Englishmen, 15-year-old Ralph Rover, Jack, who is older than him for three years, and the cheerful 14-year-old Peter, were got on a desert island after their ship was wrecked. They made their life in the spirit of Robinson Crusoe, and despite the typhoons, wild boar attacks and hostile visitors to the island, they lived an almost perfect life. The boys made fire by rubbing two sticks and climb the palm trees for coconuts. The boys were building a boat with sails of copra to get to a nearby island, where Jack won the battle of the leader of the tribe Taror. Then the pirates kidnapped Ralph whose adventures continued in the southern islands.

In the middle of 1970s, the government of South Africa has a policy of racial segregation. Frequent protests against the ruling regime. Donald Woods – editor of the liberal newspaper “Daily Dispech” published articles critical of one of the leaders of the “Black identity.” Addressed Steve Biko. He condemns Biko because he does not have a flexible approach to accumulate racial issues. Steve Biko invited editor in his area. Woods had seen miserable conditions in which the black population lives. After they met Woods changed his mind to Biko. White and black population have to live in equal conditions. They became good friends. Woods was officially banned by the Government of South Africa and he was not allowed to leave their place of residence. Biko is arrested soon.

It’s incredible and frightening book about the world of future. Author describes what can happen if our world society would develop as it does now. The all new world it’s just the one country where religion is consuming and the God – is Henry Ford. Children are not born by mothers now, they all are born from eggs at fertility centres. There are no families now, words as “mother” or “father” are now rude ones. All people at state of embryos already divided for five castes from Alpha to Gamma. Every caste has their life mission. For example, people from lower castes like Gamma are born for the most hard and dirty work. Also, they often work as servants of Alphas or Betas. This story is about an extraordinary man Bernard Marx, who decided to visit one of that small places where still no “civilization” and people live there like thousand years ago.

It is one of the most difficult works in the creativity activity of the writer and in Russian classical literature. It was the period of the 60's years of the XIX century, when many theories were created. The main point of these theories was a person opposed to the outside world. He was in search of his «I» and as a result, could rise above the society. People started moving away from God and finding explanations for the most terrible crimes on Earth. The main character is one of them. The young student Rodion Raskolnikov commits a crime. He kills an old woman. He does it not because he is poor and cannot pay for his education or flat. He does it to prove himself that he has the right to commit such acts. But all the acts have their consequences.

The book tells about a crash in one happy Malaysian family from Kuala Lumpur by the eyes of a sixteen-year-old teenager. The story begins when the teenager and his aunt came to the hospital to visit his mother. She is in the intensive care unit. The son feels terrible as there is his fault in everything that had happened. The boy pulls himself together and tries to comprehend his life. The starting point is his sixteen's birthday party. His parents arranged a grand celebration and invited many relatives and friends. The family is very famous in the city. They are very beautiful and successful. It was the happiest day in the boy's life. But after the celebration everything went wrong. The guy witnessed one scene to which he tried to close his eyes. It was the end of the best times.

Charles Bovary graduates from the college. He is not a very smart person, so his mother helps him to get a doctor's job in a provincial French town. Thanks mother's efforts, he marries a local widow. The woman is over 40. She is unattractive, but wealthy. One day Charles goes to examine another patient — a local farmer. He meets a farmer's daughter Emma, who is very pretty. The doctor feels a desire towards the young girl. After his wife's death, Charles starts communicating with Emma and after a while decides to ask for her hand. Her father gives a consent and arranges a magnificent wedding. But when the young couple begins to live together, Emma suddenly realizes her true feelings. She does not love Charles. She is unaware of what real love is.

An old doctor lived on a calm Greek island. But in 1941 the island was captured by Italy which was the ally of Hitler's Germany in World War II. The doctor has a daughter. She is an educated and determined woman. She falls in love with a local fisherman. The couple wants to get married. Soon the fiancé goes to war. The girl in love writes him lots of letters. There is no answer. The Italian army occupies the island. Their authorities resettle the officers. So Captain Corelli was settled under the roof of the doctor's house. The captain is cheerful and captured by the passion for the mandolin. The doctor's daughter feels disappointed in her fiance. She starts doubting that he really loves her. Nothing goes unnoticed by the attentive eyes of Captain Corelli. If you are a fan of such books as «Gone with the Wind», «Cold Mountain», then this novel will undoubtedly be to your liking.

This is the famous best seller written by Arthur Golden. The novel is about Sayuri, a beautiful and successful geisha. Now she is retired and lives in New York. She tells us the fascinating story of her life. When Sayuri was a child, she had a different name — Chiyo. The girl lived in a small fishing village of Yoroido with her family. Her parents were old and poor. So Chiyo was sold to an okiya, a geisha house in Kyoto. She worked there as a maid of Hatsumomo, a selfish geisha who hated the little girl from the day they met. Hatsumomo made Chiyo's life a real nightmare. The girl overcame a lot of injustice and humiliation. But she always managed to stay strong. Despite all the difficulties, Chiyo implemented her dream of becoming a geisha and even found true love.

Agatha Christie managed to create bright detective characters. In the center of the novel «N or M», there are the Beresfords as the most mature images from the artistic point of view. The reader could meet them in the previous novels «The Secret Adversary» and «Partners in Crime». The actions take place in the 1940s. In their youth, the Beresfords used to rest on the deserved laurels as smart detectives. Now they are tired of inactivity and uselessness. Suddenly Tommy gets a great opportunity to uncover the Nazi agents' atrocities who arranged the murder of Farquhar. Tommy is to take his place in the department. The last words of Farquhar «N or M. Song Susie» are all to start with. Everything has to be a secret for Tuppence but she learns about this new case and follows her husband. So, they begin to act together again.

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