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The action of this comedy takes place in a large apartment in London and in a country estate. The reader meets a young man Algernon from an ancient aristocratic family. Now Algernon is sitting in the apartment and expecting his aunt, who is to come for tea soon. To kill time, he is talking with a footman named Lane. Both men are very fond of philosophizing without any reason. Suddenly his buddy Jack appears. This is a faithful opponent of Algernon in all disputes and endeavors, but at the same time a pleasant conversationalist. Both are tired of secular concerns and constant affairs. Algernon and Jack are extremely irresponsible egoists and like to accuse each other of infantility and frivolity. And these two gentlemen often gather together.

Pollyanna is eleven years old. She is an orphan. Despite this, the girl is an incorrigible optimist. Long ago, her mother married a poor priest and left the country. The couple died. Now Pollyanna has only an aunt. Aunt Polly decides to take her niece due to a great sense of duty. The woman is maximally unemotional, cynical and does not believe in love. She convinced herself she does not need sincere emotions. The woman puts her niece in a small and uncomfortable room. Still Pollyanna enjoys a pleasant view from the window. The girl is unpretentious, joyful and always in motion. First Polly is confused. Then she begins to get used to this philosophy of the little cheerful girl. Polly realizes that this is exactly what is missing in her life.

Nowadays English is spoken in many countries. It is the most common and convenient language for business. No less than twenty-five percent of the world population speaks it. That is why it is often called the world language. English is often used in science, cinema and music. Most of successful, popular films and songs are also in English. This language began to spread when the British tribes conquered new lands: North America and the Caribbean islands. In additin, this country was technically developed. Lots of new inventions were created in Britain. So residents of other countries had to learn English in order to use them. Later, the business became the main reason to teach English as the money is the main engine of progress.

More than a thousand people attended the Boom Boom funeral. Many of them were fans of the Black Hawks hockey team. Boom Boom was a player of this team and one of the biggest hockey stars a few years ago. But during one of the games he broke his left ankle. For a very long time he did not want to believe that he could no longer be a professional athlete. But in the end, he still humbled himself and found a job that was far from sport. His body was discovered near the pier. It was floating in the water. Boom Boom was the uncle of the main character. They grew up in douthern Chicago. The real name of this man was Bernard, but his childhood friends called him Boom. He liked this name and always used it. But this story is not about the life of Boom Boom. It is focused on what happened after his death.

There is the end of the twenty-first century on the streets. High-tech cities are filled with people. Each resident wears a special chip under his skin, which allows him to use all modern technologies. The outside world froze on the verge of a great disaster. Now it is contaminated. It is abandoned by most of the inhabitants, who once left it for their own safety. Sala is the main character of this story. The girl has been living in one of such high-tech cities since the age of ten. In this world of the future, virtual simulations are created in order to replace many social areas. Sala works in a laboratory with her friends. It is an ordinary evening now. But something very unusual is to happen soon.

This is the author's second novel, which features the classic characters beloved by the reader. These are Bertie Wooster and his faithful valet Jeeves. Bertie is a true gentleman and a member of high society. He is a kind person who always tries to do something good. But usually his countless efforts bring only problems. When Bertie makes an attempt to reconcile old friends, this develops into an even greater scandal. Fortunalety for him, Jeeves is always at his disposal. Jeeves is his right hand. The valet knows how to solve any problem as he often has to do it. In this book, the reader will find an interesting dynamic plot and sparkling humour. This is the main reason to enjoy this worthy novel.

It is the end of July. But the residents of Barchester do not think about warm weather. One much more important question occupies their minds. Who will be the new bishop? Their versions have been constantly changing for the past ten days. It has been bothering people more and more. The previous bishop had been serving for many years. Several years ago the man fell ill and everyone understood his disease was fatal. The bishop was to die. Some time later he died peacefully in his sleep. People remember him as a calm and gentle person. Now they think his son will be the next bishop. But as reality shows, everything rarely happens exactly the way the people expect. Difficult times are waiting for the small town.

The protagonist of the book is not very happy with his life. He has a very monotonous job. He is an insurance payment expert. The hero often travels around the country, but every journey is similar to the previous one. Even on the trip he is surrounded by the same things and exactly the same people. The state of health also troubles. For a long time, the man has been suffering from severe insomnia. It is getting more difficult for him to perceive the world around. The doctor suggests to visit a support group for seriously ill patients and see how real problems look like. Soon the protagonist meets a strange young man named Tyler. After a while, a girl named Marla comes to the support group. She is so afraid of death that watching terminally ill people reassures her. These two people will change the life of the hero.

Here is one of the most popular novels of this writer. This is a family story about relationship difficulties and conflicts between men and women in the family. The book tells the reader about the eternal attempts to find your way in life and the fact that it often turns out to be meaningless. One of the main characters is Macon. He is a little over forty. He is very pedantic and keeps things under control, even at home. Macon writes guides but he hates travelling. His books have detailed instructions on how to feel comfortable on any trip. How to protect your inner world from the interventions of strangers. Some time ago Macon lost his son. This changed the life of the man greatly. His marriage gradually falls apart and turns into nothing. The drama of one person will not leave the reader indifferent.

Everything happened in the emergency department. Maxine sat down at the reception desk at Mercy Hospital. The woman gladly let her tired legs rest. It was a Saturday night and her working day was very long and hard. She was wearing the uniform of a doctor, her hair curled from heat and humidity. There was an air conditioner in the department, but every time the hospital door opened, another portion of hot humid air got inside. The nurse handed the woman a glass of ice water and said that in a few hours they would be able to go home. Their hospital was located in one of the poorest and most dangerous areas of Milwaukee, which meant that there was always a lot of work. But even after nine hours of work, Maxine was going to watch an exhibition at the arts center.

The one who has never felt like this will not be able to understand the whole pain of the person who was expelled from his home. How does it feel to live in a foreign country and speak a foreign language? You are always a foreigner, in any situation. Two families have been living in Zimbabwe for almost thirty years. Their home country is called Malawi, but they cannot come back there. They believed that one day they would return home. Although the men from these families have disagreements, they try to stick together. After all, they are countrymen. They often talked about the house. About the time when they were children: how they grew up, what games they played in their childhood. They remembered their schools and the beginning of the struggle for freedom against the British.

The most experienced fishermen know that the best place for fishing is the west of Ireland. There are rivers full of salmon. Sinclair spends three days there, trying to catch a fish, but he is unlucky. The young man goes home. He decides to go by train, and in the twentieth century such a trip seems like a real adventure. At the station, where he has to wait for the train, there is a lot of smoke — but there is not enough heat. The man is cold. He has wet shoes after fishing. He hoped that at the station he could warm up — but he continues to freeze. The station manager lets the guy into his office. It is warm and there is steam from the clothes. They talk about fishing and politics. Sinclair admits that he failed to catch anything. Soon the train arrives. The guy goes to the cold again. A little rain starts on the street.

Peter Holmes is an officer in the Australian Navy. This morning the man wakes up very early. For several minutes he is lying in the bed, looking at the rays of the bright Australian sun falling into the room. It is Thursday. It is about five o'clock. Soon it will be very light outside. His little daughter will wake up. Up to this point, getting out of bed is not necessary. Peter is in a great mood. After all, he is to get a promotion. The officer hopes he will sail again. He loves the sea and dreams of it. Work on land is not for him. For some time Peter did not go to the sea because of some problems. Now he feels very bored without long trips. But this fine Thursday will change everything in his life. This is the main reason of his good mood.

Saul had been working for many consecutive hours. Finally he wearily rubbed his sore eyes. His computer could distinguish his voice and execute commands. But the man did not like to talk to the machine. Typing was much easier and more familiar. After all, it was hard to talk loud and think. Saul was a professional writer and a music critic. He loved music and could write much about it with high quality. Many others dreamed of a job like this. But Saul was very good at his profession so his superiors were quite pleased with him. Once he needed to stop writing. He had to do social work for some time. Saul hated it! But the man simply had no choice. He lived in an unusual world where social work was the responsibility of every person.

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