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Boring work remains so in any city, on any continent of the planet. Every day is similar to the previous one. It is full of monotonous actions. If you do this kind of work all your life, it will badly affect your health. The protagonist of this story works as a conductor on the bus. For nine years he has been traveling between two cities. But it seems to him that several centuries have passed. This is the end of March. The road is wet and light rain knocking on the roof of the bus. There are more passengers than usual. This is the very end of a long rainy season. Soon, farmers will start harvesting. But all these things are of little interest for the main character. He always has one desire — to make another journey over as quickly as possible.

This book tells about the most famous criminals in the United States. This is not about ordinary petty offenders. These people became really famous by their deeds. Only the most interesting and unusual cases are presented in this story. Dr. Hawley Harvey Krippen met a young girl named Cora. Harvey's first wife died long time ago. Later he married this beautiful girl. Cora was cruel, domineering and did not love her husband. She was dreaming about the career of the singer and wanted her husband to earn much more money. Doctor's salary was too small to pay for the vocal lessons. Cora was not very good at singing. No matter how hard she tried to perform — she failed to become a famous star. One day she suddenly disappeared.

In the late 19th century India was not a nice place to live in. Most of its territory was controlled by the British government. It brought much grief to this land. The Indians were poor, divided and humiliated. Only a special person could save the country. Luckily, such a person came along. His name was Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, but for his kindness and faith he was given the name Mahatma (Great Soul). Gandhi couldn't bear the suffering of his countrymen. So he stood up for the basic human rights. Gandhi's life was difficult and full of challenges, but he never gave up. He fought for justice till the end. His peaceful protest was far more effective than any violent method of fighting. This book gives an account of events that led India to independence. It is a perfect illustration of how one person can completely change the history.

This story first saw the world in 1903. In contrast to the usual American literature of that time, here the action takes place in France. David is a shepherd from a small village. Once he quarrels with his bride. He decides to leave home and look for happiness in the new lands. The guy is a poet, which greatly affects his personality. He is romantic and easy going. David comes to the first fork and sees three roads — this is the first serious choice on his way. Further, in the story, David will have to choose the path each time — and this will lead him to new adventures and unexpected acquaintances. He meets an aristocrat, who promised to marry his daughter off to the first comer. And this is just the beginning of David's journey.

«The Moving Finger» is a famous detective novel written by Agatha Christie. The book offers plenty of riddles and mysterious events. Jerry Burton, a former pilot, is recovering after a plane crash. Following his doctor's advice, the man decides to get away from the city noise. Together with his sister Joanna, he rents a house in a small village of Lymstock. But the place doesn't seem as quiet as they had expected. Very soon, the Burtons get a rude anonymous letter hinting they are not really brother and sister. Later it turns out that they are not the only people in the village tormented by the unpleasant letters. However, many local citizens take it as a bad joke until one woman commits suicide after receiving a similar letter. Now everyone who knows something about her death is in real danger.

Different things disappear in an ordinary hostel for students. The residents at Hickory Road do not panic considering it nonsense. A book, a bag or a lamp are not very valuable. You can easily forget about them. But the famous detective Hercule Poirot believes that the events are more serious than they seem at first glance. After all, the list of stolen things looks rather unusual. After a while they find the corpse of one of the inhabitants. It was a murder staged to look like a usual suicide. The case which seemed innocuous, takes a very serious turn. Will the detective be able to save the situation? Will he show his genius once again? The children's verselet, that became the title of the novel, sounds really ominously. The novel's atmosphere perfectly emphasizes this.

Leonardo da Vinci is a man who was more than for hundred years ahead of his time. He achieved a stunning success in various areas. He was a writer, an inventor, a musician and an artist. But he considered himself a scientist. He was the first who understood the human anatomy. Leonardo da Vinci is the clearest example of the universal man. He is primarily known as an artist and the greatest representative of High Renaissance art. He was born in the 15th century and created a drawing of the aircraft. People began to fly only a century later. Leonardo proposed a project of an ideal city with the sewerage system, but the Duke of Milan rejected his project. Several centuries later, the project was recognized as a perfect basis for the construction of the city. Even nowadays Leonardo da Vinci remains one of the most mysterious and brilliant people of the second millennium.

This case made our hero think not only with his head, but also with his heart. The passengers of one of the most luxurious trains in Europe could not even imagine that their journey would turn out this way. At the beginning, everything was fine. But later everyone was shocked by the news. One of the passengers had been killed. All thirteen people who travel in this unblessed train carriage are under suspicion. No one knows the motives of the murder. And no one has an iron alibi. M. Hercule Poirot was accidentally travelling by this train. Being one of the best detectives in the world, he started investigating this case. So, the usual journey turned into one of the most fascinating riddles in history. The detective had to solve the murder as soon as possible, until the killer struck a new blow...

Mr. Allworthy is a rich squire. He lives together with his sister Miss Bridget. One day an unknown baby boy is found in his house. Soon Mr. Allworthy manages to find the mother of the abandoned child. It is a poor woman from one village Jenny Jones. Jenny refuses to reveal the father’s identity. Still the mother repents her deed. The squire only sends her out of her native places and provides her with a better life. Mr. Allworthy lost his wife and children several years ago. He decides to take this boy and bring him up as his own son. The squire gives all his love to this baby. After some time, his sister Bridget gets married to Captain Blifil. Soon the couple is blessed with a son. The foundling Tom Jones is being raised with the young Blifil. Captain Blifil is a greedy and envious person. He fears that Mr. Allworthy’s fortune will pass to Tom. The captain hates the boy and tries to defame him in the eyes of his adoptive father.

Douglas King has been in the shoe business almost all his life. All this time he worked for Granger Shoe – one shoe company where he started as a boy. Now Douglas is a part-owner of Granger Shoe and has a good share of it. Doug has great plans connected with this company. He is going to implement them in the near future. Suddenly two unexpected events happen and ruin all Doug's plans. Some co-owners of Granger Shoe suggest him to cooperate with them in order to have over 50% shares together and make the goods of lower quality. In this case they will have more profit. Doug refuses to produce poor quality goods and makes the greedy co-owners his enemies. Later someone kidnaps King's son and wants a big ransom. If the father pays the ransom, his plans will get ruined. He will lose the house, the cars and everything he owns.

Holly Golightly is an unbelievable young woman. Her way of life and manners are not always objective. She just follows her heart and not mind. She wants some things and tomorrow she will be interested in some other feelings or ideas. Holly wants to live in wealth and luxury. She manages to reach this goal. Despite of a quite young age she can charm almost everyone who spoke to her. Her behavior can be interpreted in different ways. Someone thinks Holly is a dishonest woman. One can say there is nothing wrong in her attitude towards men. Holly's nature doesn't let her stop and settle in a certain place. Her life is one big endless journey, which corresponds to the inscription on her mailbox: «Miss Holiday Golightly. Travels».

This novel describes the fate of and English medicine scientist Griffin. The scientist discovers a medicine which makes human's blood invisible. This drug discolors human blood. A person must be an albino in order to become completely invisible. Griffin himself is an albino. He does not want to publicize his discovery. His goal is to create even a greater sensation in the future. But the circumstances suddenly change. Due to financial difficulties he can't continue his work. Griffin has to disappear. The scientist begins a completely new life as an invisible man. Will the first and only invisible person be able to survive and use his new face in the name of good and not evil? Will he do something for the sake of the world?

This is an unusual detective novel. You won't be able to predict the end of it. There are a lot of unsolved crime mysteries and much British humor. Patrick Aldermann is in the center of this story. Many deaths regularly occur around him. People die every day. But when these deaths play right into someone's hand, it becomes very suspicious. When Patrick's aunt passes away in the rose garden, he inherits her big mansion. When the man comes to work for a new company, he has a great career development. It is not because he is a good specialist. The reason is many people die and Patrick takes their positions. Patrick's boss starts fearing for his life. So he goes to the inspectors Dalziel and Pascoe. The police become interested in this case.

The main character — Winston Smith — lives in London and works in the ministry of truth and is a member of the external party. He does not share the party slogans and ideology and has deep strongly doubts in the party and all the reality around him. To «let off steam» and does not imprudent act, he buys a diary in which he tries to express his peradventure. In public, he tries to pretend a supporter of party ideas. However, he fears that the girl Giulia, who is working in the same ministry, spying on him and wants to expose him. At the same time, he believes that a senior official of the Ministry, a member of the Inner Party O’Brien also does not share the views of the party and is a supplementary revolutionary.

Alexander the Great is the greatest conqueror of all time. His father was king Philip II and his mother was Olympias, the daughter of king Neoptolemus I of Epirus. When Alexander was 13, Aristotle became his tutor. The philosopher awakened the idea of greatness, power and intellectual rigor in his pupil. Aristotle taught him how to demonstrate the force moderately and consciously. Alexander treated his teacher with admiration and respect. He often said that he owed life to his father and a decent life to Aristotle. Achilles – the hero of the Trojan War was the ideal for Alexander. Alexander had no equal rivals in all competitions. When he was a boy, he tamed a wild horse named Bucephalus, who later served him in many battles.

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