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There are many types of mountains on Earth. Some of them are covered with thick green forests while the tops of others are covered with ice and snow. It is very cold there. There are some dry and hot mountains. Many rivers begin high in the mountains. This is an amazing part of nature. In fact, the mountains appear even today. These are parts of the crust that change shape due to volcanic eruptions, earthquakes or tectonic plate movements deep underground. Life in the mountains can be pretty hard, but people live there. The main point is there are no good roads, shops or hospitals. People have to ride animals or on foot, as cars cannot drive everywhere. At high altitude, the air is thin, and you have to get used to it. Are there mountains in the area where you live?

Do you often look at the sky? What can you see? The Moon or many stars. Is that all? What about other living things? Do they exist? Do they live in space? And will humanity ever be able to talk to them? For many years scientists with powerful telescopes have been trying to get answers to these questions. People have long wanted to learn about other creatures. People thought about how they might look. Little green men or tall humanoids with big eyes? The films and books show a variety of different images of aliens. Do they look like real inhabitants of other planets? Nobody knows. Some people think aliens will definitely be friendly. Others believe they are dangerous. But scientists do not expect that guests from space will fly to Earth. They are sure that the first contact will be established via messages.

Sally Brown is an ordinary student. During the holidays, she works at Happy Hills, a local amusement park. This is a very popular place among visitors. Every day lots of people come here to ride and look at the staff in the costumes of various funny characters. This day is very unusual. Zapp is a famous singer among young people. He arrives in this amusement park. Zapp has to open a new attraction. This is a wonderful possibility for Sally. The girl wants to talk to her favourite singer, despite the displeasure of her boss. He is sure that she already works too little. But an unexpected trouble happens — Zapp's disc with the new secret song disappears. Happy Hills is not a very happy place anymore.

What do you remember first when you hear about the United States of America? Warm sunny California? Surfing and beaches? What about Alaska? This is also one of the states, but it is very different from the rest 49. Despite this, many tourists visit Alaska. They come from all over the world. But if you decide to visit Alaska, prepare warm clothes. Twenty degrees below zero is the normal temperature for this state. Tourists often come to Alaska to have an active holiday. They conquer the mountain peaks, ski or go dog sledding. The first people who lived in this state were Eskimos. Today they make up about fifteen percent of the population. In the nineteenth century, Alaska was a part of Russia. The Americans bought it for a huge amount of seven million dollars. After that they found gold there.

Bernardo lives in Rome. He really loves hats. One sunny day he is walking around his hometown. The man sees a beautiful hat at a street market. As an admirer of hats, he buys it immediately. The old one he hides in the bag. His wife is very surprised when he comes home. Bernardo has already dozens of hats. The new one seems quite ugly to her. A few days later, the woman takes the hat to the store secretly from her husband. A few more days pass. This hat catches the eye of Anna, a student from the United States. The young girl buys it with pleasure. So the hat goes to California. After some time, Anna is sitting in a cafe in her new hat. A sudden gust of wind takes it and sends flying. Thus the hat gets to the next owner...

Jake arrives in London. It is just the beginning of a holiday weekend. This is the first time the eighteen-year-old guy has been so far from his native Manchester. Jake is very excited. The family stays at home while he is making such an interesting trip of his own. The guy opens the map and thinks where it is better to go first. The choice is the Notting Hill Carnival. Jake gets on a big red bus full of people. There is a large family with many children behind him. The children are making noise and talking about the Notting Hill Carnival. Jake realizes that they are going to the same place. Soon the guy gets to the carnival he has dreamed of for so long. His first trip turns out to be interesting and full of pleasant surprises.

Sophia Reynolds comes to Norwich to be an extra in a film. She is going to be on a film set with a famous star Fabio Facelli. The girl is very fond of this actor. So she can't wait for working with him. However, she is almost late for the shooting. Sophia is delayed by a series of unusual events. First, she accidentally takes somebody else's bag instead of her own one. Then she meets a small boy who can't find his mother. Soon after that she becomes a witness of a fight. The girl goes to the police station. She meets a young policeman with beautiful eyes there. He helps her to solve everything. When Sophia finally arrives at the shooting scene, she doesn't look great. It has really been a bad hair day. Nevertheless, it brings positive changes into her life.

It was a warm Saturday morning. Martin and his sister Pam decided to spend the whole day in Cambridge. They examined the beautiful old architecture of this place and took many photographs. Pam had a good camera. She liked taking pictures in her free time. Sometimes she managed to take very good pictures. Still, most of her photos were not so good. Then Martin would laugh at them. Around five in the evening, the brother and the sister wanted to go home. The day was long and they felt tired. Pam offered to take a picture of Martin again. He was jokingly horrified. Suddenly, a man with a large backpack got captured by the camera. Pam was upset, as the photo was spoiled. She did not know yet that this failure would be the beginning of a real adventure.

Hester was a beautiful woman from a very rich and powerful family. Soon the woman fell in love and got married. But she was not happy in marriage. It turned out to be rather boring. She gave birth to three children, but even that did not change anything. Two daughters and a son were smart and healthy children. Still Hester did not truly love them. Though she tried to act like a good mother. Her husband worked in the office. Every morning he left for work. But the man was not doing very well — the family was not very rich. They lived in a large beautiful house with expensive furniture. Around the house there was a nice green garden. One day, their son asked Hester why they didn't have their own car. Hester replied that the reason was the boy's father was not very lucky in life.

At night when people go to bed — many small and large animals leave their cozy burrows and go hunting. They begin their active animal life. Many of them can hunt all night and rest during the day. They clearly see in the darkness, no worse than in daylight. After sunset it gets much colder. This is an active period for such animals as possums. These are completely nocturnal beasts. At night, they begin to look for food — plants, insects and small animals. There are other animals that can be active day and night, depending on their needs — like tigers. And the rabbits leave the holes early in the morning and at sunset, when part of the predators have not woken up yet, and some have already gone to sleep. This is a good way to be safe as long as possible.

In many ways, the planet Earth resembles an orange. They have a similar shape. The planet also, like this fruit, has its own skin — the earth's crust. There are holes in the earth's crust — volcanoes. When they erupt, stone, ash, and hot lava fly out. Thanks to volcanoes, new islands sometimes arise at the planet. Two thirds of the land are covered by water. Basically it is the salty water of the oceans and seas that cannot be drunk. But there are also rivers with fresh water, thanks to which trees grow and animals survive. Rivers usually start in the mountains. They gather from snow or rain and begin to flow below. Rivers form waterfalls. The largest and most beautiful of them are favorite places of tourists even today. Fresh water is very important for life on the planet.

Muhammad Ali. Everyone has heard this name. But not everyone knows what this person is famous for. Is he an Olympic champion? Or a brilliant boxer? A public figure? All these facts are true. What is not commonly known is that Muhammad Ali is not the real name of this athlete. Cassius Clay was an ordinary boy. His catchphrase 'Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee' has been used for many years. But besides his fast legs and powerful blows, Ali is also known as an impacable fighter for the rights of African Americans. Everything started when a little boy Cassius got a new bike. Later the new wonderful bike was stolen. After that, the boy went to the boxing gym. It seemed to him a good way to protect his property. Back then, no one thought he would become a real legend.

Marcel lives in the most romantic city in the world — Paris. And he is a mouse. He works as a detective. Marcel does not spend all his time in Paris. He often visits an old friend in London. Henry has a small apartment in London where he happily accepts his friend. Marcel loves ancient and cold London, where there are a lot of beautiful buildings. He loves his hometown no less, but the capital of England always makes him happier. The story begins in November, during the holidays. Marcel walks around London, carrying two heavy bags. He came to visit his old friend. The detective examines the house numbers for a while, but quickly finds the right one. Marcel enters a small, cozy apartment. Henry is glad to see his old friend.

There are a big number of different types of animals on the planet Earth. There are real big ones like blue whales, elephants or polar bears. There are also so small species that the human eye cannot see them. Their life cycles vary. All living organisms are divided into groups. Most of the animals in the world are invertebrates. There are very few animals with spinal column, but they are much larger in size and people are used to seeing them around. In the life of a wild animal there are many dangers: predators, lack of food and water. Survival is quite difficult. Another terrible enemy of animals is people. They hunt not only for food, but also for entertainment. They cut down the forests that are home for many species. People even poison water and environment.

Marcia met Howard when she was thirty-five years old. This accidental meeting occurred in the church. The man was six years older. He lived in a small house on the outskirts of the city with his old mother. Marcia lived in an apartment with her sister and father. The woman did not work anywhere. Her father was ill and had to sit in the apartment all the time. He spent his days in bed and could not be alone. Marcia looked after him all her free time. She could go out only when her sister was returning from work. The sister was ten years younger and looked very attractive: a good tan, long soft hair. Many men were interested in Karin, and Marcia always remained in the shadow. No one looked at her and no one wanted to meet or dine together.

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