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Reg and his wife Janet live in a house outside a village. They have a new neighbour – a young, quiet man. His name is Richard, he lives a solitary life and often behaves in a really strange way. He hates TV and loud music, prefers walking and keeps to a vegetarian diet. Besides, he always looks sad and even lonely. Naturally, the couple feels sorry for him. They try to help Richard whenever it is possible. But each time he refuses their help. Eventually, however, Janet manages to invite him to a party. But after the party something unexpected happens – the man falls gravely ill. Janet takes care of Richard and makes sure that he eats and behaves just like everybody else. But when the mystery behind the young man's malady is finally solved, it is too late to save him.

The story is set in Salem, Massachusetts. The town is known for the witch hangings in 1692. That's why it's often called the «Witch City». Megan and Kelly have recently moved here with their parents. Now it is late October and Halloween is approaching. Megan, Kelly and their classmates are very excited. They prepare costumes and decorations. Then they look for a place to celebrate. The children decide to visit one of the Salem Witch Museums for inspiration. In the museum something strange happens. Megan sees a scary old lady, even though the museum attendant assures her that the children are the only visitors. In the end the friends find an abandoned house near the cemetery and decide to have a Halloween party there. But the party turns out to be much scarier than they could ever imagine.

The police officer Helen Shepherd woke up from a telephone call. A new sergeant was calling her with a message. They found a body of a young woman on the beach near the Grand Hotel. The officer arrived at the crime scene. She started teaching her new colleague how to collect all possible clues and question the witnesses. According to the expert's words, the woman was killed from a blow to the head by a blunt object several hours ago. First 24 hours are the most important for the police when they solve crimes. After this time, it is very difficult to learn the truth and find the murderer. The boss of the victim makes some clarity. They had dinner yesterday in the evening at the hotel restaurant. The boss noticed a strange man who left the restaurant after seeing the girl. The boss was very concerned. He did not want their company to appear in the news about their colleague's death.

The world-famous fairy tale was written by an English writer and mathematician in 1865. This book is one of the best examples of nonsense literature. In the fairy tale, the reader can see dozens of complicated philosophical, mathematical and linguistic jokes. In this story, we can find many interesting hidden meanings. The girl Alice spends her time on the river bank. She is bored. Suddenly she sees a strange white rabbit. The small animal has a big pocket watch in his paws and he is in a hurry. Alice follows the rabbit and falls into a hole. The curious girl finds herself in a phantasmagoric world inhabited by many anthropomorphic creatures. And this is only the beginning of her unusual, strange and surprising adventures.

One of the stories that appeared in the famous collection «Games in the Twilight». Unlike the other writer's books, where women are main characters, «Devoted son» is about male characters. The book tells us about the relationship of the father and the son in a traditional Indian family. It raises the problem of old age and the loss of understanding between generations. The story is written in the style of realism with a lot of good quality humour. The main character is a student Rakesh. He is very respectful of his parents. He is very clever young man and once he gets the opportunity to go to the United States. Rakesh becomes a good doctor. But in order to take care of the aged parents, a successful doctor returns to his impoverished country. And after that an unexpected conflict between Rakesh and the father begins.

The main heroes of this story are the boy Lakshman and his stepmother. As it is said at the beginning, the conflict is built on the traditional image of the evil stepmother. At least, this is how Lakshman views his father's new wife. Things have been going differently, since the stepmother appeared in their house. The boy does everything to provoke his stepmother. Once she decides to buy new shoes for Lakshman. The boy protests, although he really needs ones. He just does not want to be seen together with his new mother by his friends. If he doesn't go, there will be no shoes — this is the verdict of the stepmother. Lakshman breaks an expensive almirah to take revenge. It was the wedding gift of the newlyweds. But what will be his punishment? And will they be able to find a compromise if the most expensive, what the boy has — his savings for a bicycle — are put at stake?

This is an unusual story of a beautiful young girl. Her name was Missiya. She was not like all the other girls in her village. There was something special and charming about her. She often ran, smiled and laughed. Not only was the girl good-looking, but she also had a strong will and a cheerful personality. Sometimes she shocked people by her boldness. No wonder that from a very young age Missiya attracted a lot of men. She started meeting them in the woods. The girl was poor and had to sell the only thing she had — her beauty. Women hated her, and parents tried to keep their children away from her. But one day Missiya's life changed forever. The police came to arrest her and no one saw her again. Missiya was keeping a dark secret: in desperation she had committed a terrible crime.

Captain Frederick Marryat was an English writer well known for his adventure novels. He wrote «The Children of the New Forest», one of the first historical books for children. The story takes us to the England of 1647. Cromwell's soldiers have sent the King to prison and everybody who takes his side becomes their enemy. Colonel Beverley was a brave man and died fighting for the King. Now his house is burnt and his four children are in danger. Luckily, they manage to escape to the New Forest, where they live with their father's old friend Jacob. The children have to forget about their noble origin and learn to run the household. They live a quiet but poor life and secretly dream not only to survive, but also to restore justice.

Because of the nail the boot was damaged. Without a boot, it was not possible to ride. Without a horse, the rider could not arrive on time. And without the rider all the battle was lost. This is a story about a poor Indian farmer named Raju, who has to work hard for pennies. Fifty rupees a day is his limit. But once, one man offers him to sell a kidney for thirty five thousand rupees. This is a lot of money. The Indian poor can’t earn such an incredible sum in his whole life. He decides to make this operation. Now Raju can buy pink and green halva and a bouquet of flowers for his beloved woman. He can buy whiskey for a blind old woman who loves to drink a shot before going to bed. The life of a poor farmer has changed for the better. After all, people live with one kidney. The main thing is do not pay attention to the pain.

Holmes worked for the French government so Dr. Watson saw less and less of his friend. One fine evening Sherlock Holmes managed to visit his precious friend. Holmes told Watson about one criminal world genius, who created a powerful criminal network throughout London. It was James Moriarty, a famous professor from London. It was a gifted man with phenomenal mathematical abilities. An insidious teacher developed criminal schemes but no one could prove the guilt of this clever mathematician. Sherlock Holmes firmly decided to end the monstrous plans of Moriarty. In response, the professor threatened his rival. In case of his death, Moriarty promised to take Holmes with him. The detective strongly refused to back off.

This book tells the story of one family. They all lived in India. The main character moved to America and began to live in California. His sister Tarun stayed to live with his mother. The girl was very attached to her. Later the reader discovers that the mother made her son leave the country and go to the college. The political situation in India was very tense, and the woman wanted her son to be safe. Many men in the country died at that time. He refused for a long time, but was forced to agree. The disputes were very long. Finally, the woman convinced her son at the cost of great difficulties. Mom often sends letters to the young man, but he never answers. At the end, the mother confesses why her son left the country. The book is about the great love of a mother for her children. The author shows how far she would go in order to protect them.

Christina Rinaldi works at the National Museum. She loves her work and art is her great interest. In the morning, the director of the museum calls her to his office. There is an important job for her to do: the famous Paris museum wants to send several expensive paintings to Buenos Aires. These artworks are need to be met and accompanied. Christina happily agrees. She herself wants to see these canvases in her hometown. Christina's mood is great for the rest of the day. This exhibition promises to be be very interesting. After work, Christine gets on her motorcycle and leaves the museum. The day is warm and pleasant. But on the way, she meets an armed man with an unusual bright tattoo around his neck. He notices the motorcyclist. Christina realizes that soon she will have new problems. It's time to forget about the paintings.

Sergeant Gonzalez was sitting in a small tavern. He was holding a glass of wine, and a storm was raging outside the windows. The end of February in California turned out to be worrying. Many other military men were sitting around the tables. Gonzalez asked for more wine from the tavern keeper, and he hurried to bring a new batch. The sergeant was famous. But he was very annoyed that the public in the tavern was discussing Zorro. This folk avenger with a sword and a black mask had been the main topic of conversation for ordinary people for a long time. Gonzalez said loudly that he was tired of talking about this man. And that soon there would be the one to put an end to his adventures. The governor offered a large sum for the murder of Zorro. The target would not be able to hide from anyone wishing to receive an award.

Every person deserves a chance in his life. Including the chance to get a good education. Even if it means that you have to live and study far away from home, family and loved ones. Tuaine is a young girl who came to study in New Zealand. The young student deeply misses her homeland which is far from there. It is an island in the South Sea, where the warm waters are as bright as the sky. In New Zealand the girl writes a diary. The readers will get the opportunity to look into it. Tuaine records all the events that happen to her. She also writes about her thoughts and feelings. The new place is not as warm as her native island. Here everything is so unusual and hostile. Every time Tuaine closes her eyes, she sees her own home and family.

The beginning of the novel depicts a 16-year-old boy, who is travelling around Italy with his parents. Night comes and it starts raining. The family is tired. They are trying to find a place to sleep. Suddenly, the tourists see the sign «Villa Henderson» in English. Everyone is surprised, as no one expected to see the English inscriptions in this country. They knock on the door, and the hostess of the villa warmly welcomes new guests. She introduces her daughter to them and talks about her granddaughter, who is sleeping now. Later, the main character meets a 5-year-old girl. This is a cute and friendly child. Much later, the boy realizes that everything is not so simple with the girl. It turns out she has a terrible secret.

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