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Eddie was slowly drinking champagne. He was standing on the deck of a cruise liner, looking at the waves overboard. The evening was wonderful. There were no more people around. Eddie admired how such a huge and massive ship could move at high speed. The vessel was comfortable and beautiful. Eddie looked at the outlines of the island, which dissolved in the dark. The man threw a glass into the sea. Soon his wife came to the deck. She looked great and the couple began to flirt, as at the beginning of dating. They agreed to go to a restaurant together. It was very crowded. It was hot, but the place turned out to be very pleasant and hospitable. The musicians were playing instruments in the corner, the lighting created a comfortable atmosphere. Several couples were dancing. The visitors were dressed in tuxedos and dresses.

Lucy is a young girl who works as an actress. She has an elder sister named Phil, who married a rich man from Italy. Lucy went to the sea to rest and to visit her sister. Phil is going to have a baby soon and decides to have a pregnancy in a pleasant and warm climate. Lucy has problems with work. She did not become famous and being an actress is not very easy. She could not become a star and now wanted to think a little about continuing her career. Lucy enters a completely new world for herself. There are many interesting people and random encounters with unusual people. The girl even manages to get acquainted with the trained smart dolphin. A young actress gets into a criminal situation, where acting talent helps her to remain safe and sound.

When a person travels to different countries, he is forced to cross borders. These are places where countries overlap: every traveler is forced to present documents in order to go through control. This is an essential element of any trip. The customs work at the borders. Some people try to cross borders in secret, without paying money for the goods they carry. These people are called smugglers. Emil was very rich. But on this day he was very nervous. He was sitting at the table in his office and writing a small poem on a piece of paper. The man was not a poet, but that day he decided to write a verse. Suddenly the phone rang. A familiar voice asked about the location of one thing. Emil said he did not understand what he was talking about. But the voice did not believe it. People with weapons entered the office.

Nat Marley is a private investigator. He tells us how one day he found himself in the middle of a thrilling but dangerous adventure. It was an ordinary evening. Nat was relaxing in McFadden's Bar. A mysterious woman caught his eye. She looked beautiful and rich. The woman took out a note and read it. Suddenly her expression changed and she ran out of the bar. Nat became curious and followed the woman. But very soon she disappeared in the crowd. The next morning the same woman came to his office. She introduced herself as Angela Lake. According to her story, she was divorcing her rich husband Robert Lake. She had to return him all the valuable gifts he had ever given her, including some very expensive jewels. Angela was too scared of her husband and asked the private investigator to help her. Many Nat's troubles started with that.

This book is a collection of the most interesting and inspiring speeches of many famous people, politicians and leaders. You need to read these speeches in order to understand the history better. They reflect the main problems of each era and provide a clear understanding of how society developed. Thanks to the speakers from this book, many countries have chosen new paths of development. The book begins with an inspiring speech on the rights of African Americans. The speaker is Martin Luther King. This is the time when black people were enslaved and perceived as a commodity, not citizens. Discrimination was considered to be the norm, and everyone took it for granted. But not everyone agreed with this state of affairs. Even today this great man is not forgotten after many years.

As we know the Internet appeared only a few decades ago. But the idea of connecting several computers together appeared much earlier. Strangely enough, the Cold War played an important part in this process. In 1957 the Soviet Union sent the first artificial Earth satellite in the history into space. It shocked Americans and made them pay more attention to the technological progress in their own country. Many great minds were involved in the creation of what we now call the Internet. They did a lot of work and faced numerous challenges. This book shows a wonderful journey in time. The readers can follow the history of the Internet from the idea of its creation to the present days. They can even speculate what kind of future might wait for this undoubtedly great invention.

This is a little story in the detective genre, which can make the reader's evening much more interesting. A smart and talented inspector from Scotland Yard investigates another crime case. Miss Paddington does not stay away. She immediately comes to the aid of him. This curious woman is a big lover of detective novels and she is happy to take part in the investigation. But beyond that, Miss Paddington has another secret goal — she wants the detective to marry an attractive young lady named Elvira Elliot. Whose intellect will prevail — an experienced inspector's or a housewife's, who is fascinated by cheap paperback detective novels? The story, despite its small volume, can show a lot of interesting plot twists.

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