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People, who know much about ghosts, can understand this story better, than somebody else. The main character lived for a long time in India and witnessed these events. Dumoise worked as a doctor in the north-west of India, in Punjab. Dumoise was a small, plump man and married a young woman, as round and unhurried as he himself was. For some time, the couple was happy. But their happiness was not to last long. A typhus epidemic began in the city. His wife also got sick. For several days, the doctor thought it was a normal fever and a lot of time was lost. The woman passed away. Dumoise returned to his usual life. The widower did not want to accept help from any friends. He thought that he would be able to cope with everything on his own.

The main character of this book is Jack Collis. When he got engaged to Laura, he knew that their young family would not have much money. Despite everything the couple decided to get married. Jack was a painter. Laura wrote stories. Living in the city was very expensive, so they started looking for a suitable house in the suburb. They wanted a nice and cozy home with a toilet inside, not outside. But Jack and Laura could not find a suitable cottage for a long time: either too expensive or not comfortable enough. On their wedding day, they found a perfect house in a small village near the coast. The house was two miles away from the village. It turned out to be incredibly cheap. The newlyweds immediately decided to rent it on the same day.

Mr. Dileth saw an amazing dollhouse in one store. He wanted to buy it. He knew a good antique thing and understood that this house could be very old. Having bargained with the seller, he agreed on less than seventy-five pounds but more than fifty pounds. After this, the seller was relieved to tell his wife that somebody had finally bought the house. And Mr. Dilett was already examining this purchase in his own bedroom. The dollhouse was clearly made in the eighteenth century. It was large, wide, with four rooms and furniture. There were stained-glass windows, dolls and a clock with a bell inside. Mr. Dileth realized that it could be sold ten times more expensive. A wonderful deal! Still it turned out to be not so simple.

Everything happened many years ago. In Odenwald, the south of Germany, the von Landshort Castle stood beside the river. The owner of this castle was a proud aristocrat. His father, a famous warrior, left him this castle. The Baron took care of his home as best as he could. Many other rich German families built comfortable modern houses in the valleys, abandoning traditional fortresses. The baron had another treasure — a very beautiful daughter. At the age of eighteen, she knew how to read, dance, play the guitar and sing beautiful love songs. Her skills were amazing. The girl never left the castle.The baron's daughter was raised by her aunts. They had always convinced her that she needed to be afraid of men and not to talk to them.

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