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Поиск по тегу «casualty»

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Gail is a nurse in the casualty department. A man has been severely injured in a car crash. His face is unrecognizable, but there is information that he's a famous rock star Alex Hayle. The singer is supposed to be on concert tour worth10 million pounds. But instead of it he's in a coma and the doctors say his condition is serious. Gail is surprised by the strange behaviour of his manager Clarence Tucker. He doesn't allow the doctors to speak to the media about Alex's health. Then he even lies to the TV reporters that the singer is feeling much better and will perform soon. Despite the doctor's advice, Tucker decides to move Alex to a private hospital. In a few months, there is shocking news — Alex Hayle is ready to perform but with a new face, as he's had a plastic surgery. But is it really the same singer that was in a coma only several months ago? Gail is determined to find out the truth.

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