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Chico was well aware that the forest should be investigated carefully. So cautiously as the people of the forest did many years ago. The Amazon Forest is one of the most wonderful places on the planet. It is big, old and there are many animals and plants including rare species. Here is the larger part of the fresh water reserves on the planet. Chico was born in Brazil. There were no schools in the tropics, and he began to work hard at the age of ten. He did the same thing as the others. Everybody collected useful materials in the forest and sold them in the city. As a child, the boy did not think about the world outside the forest. But when he grew up, he realized, that the Earth is much larger than his beautiful tropical forest.

People can be courageous even in the most difficult times. The protagonist of this story also proves that he has great power. It was a warm August morning. Kenzaburo Oe got off the train. At such an early time, the city was still sleeping. Everything was unusually quiet. On a similar quiet August day, something fatal happened. The first American plane flew over Hiroshima and dropped a lethal bomb. It changed the familiar world forever. Lot of people say that this historical moment brought World War II to the long-awaited end. And it even saved hundreds of thousands of lives. But this bomb killed dozens of thousands of civilians. Even today, after sixty years, humanity feels the consequences of that awful tragedy.

Aung San Su was born in Burma in a rich respected family. Su's father was killed when the girl was only two years old. But despite this, her childhood was happy. When the girl was fifteen, the whole family mo moved to India. Su was a very smart girl and became interested in politics. This occupation was very easy for her. She got into Oxford, where she met one Englishman. It turned out to be her destiny. Later the couple married. Su and her husband lived happily, but Su did not forget her father. She remembered that he died for his country — Burma. Aung San Su did not choose the simple life of a quiet and inconspicuous housewife. Her youthful interest in politics was not in vain. It changed her life. And also other people's lives.

Odette was born in the north of France in 1912. During the First World War, her mother gave housing to some British soldiers for free. The girl saw a good example of a strong woman since childhood and this greattly affected her future life. Odette moved to England in 1931 as her husband was English. When World War II began, Odette told the family that she wanted to become a military nurse. But it was a lie. In fact, she became a spy. This is a story about a brave woman who wanted to be useful, like her mother. But her work turned out to be much more important and dangerous. A young spy risked her life and got into very dangerous situations. She managed to make a significant contribution. Not everyone can endure such ordeals as Odette.

Ana was born in the east of Cuba, in a small unremarkable town. She was a cheerful child and loved running from early childhood. Sport was important not only for her, but also for her family. The Cuban government was interested in good doctors, smart teachers and strong athletes. At the age of ten, Ana became a good runner. She won most of the competitions in running, some of them — barefoot. The girl was training every day. She worked hard and waited for that moment, when someone would notice her. In the end, she succeeded — the girl was invited to one sports school. Other children were tall and strong, and the girl herself began to lose speed. She was getting heavier and slower. But soon Ana met a man who helped her regain motivation. She obtained a new life goal.

Erin Brockovich is one of the widely known and successful roles of Julia Roberts. This is a film about the lif of an intelligent about the lif of an intelligent young American woman. She is raising up three young children alone. That movie has everything you need for a good story – a tenseplot and a happy ending. The story of Erin Brockovich is real. In real life everything was a little bit different. The woman had no job, no money and no husband. But three young children needed to be fed. She said firmly to herself, 'I will find a job'. Day after day, she looked for vacancies, but every time she got a refusal. In the end, Erin came to her lawyer with the words: 'I am smart and hardworking. Give me a job.' It was a strange way, but it worked. And this was the beginning of a new life phase for Erin.

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