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The first thing that happens after arrest is an interrogation at a police station. The police officer asks questions, and the offender answers or keeps silence. Some of them are silent, others trie to lie and make excuses. Ian likes to talk. He is ready to tell everything in detail. He begins his story with the fact, that the idea belonged to Tony. This is his younger brother, but despite their age difference — Tony has always been very smart. Ian just agreed. He is nervous, because it is impossible to feel comfortable in the interrogation room. There is a special chair and it is very uncomfortable to sit on it. The front legs are shorter than the rear ones. But nobody comes to the interrogation room of their own free will and Jan has to endure inconvenience and talk.

Small children love the sense of security. They like one and the same thing happening every day. They like everything familiar, and unfamiliar things make them feel uncomfortable. Avusi lives in a small village in Papua New Guinea. His mother works in the city. She takes care of other children. Every morning Avusi wakes up from the sound of his mother's voice as she's going to work. Every time Avusi asks for permission to go with her, but she always refuses. Avusi does not like to be without her. One day he asks if it is true that Mom is working in a house with many ghosts? After that, she allows Avusi to go with her. He learns that there are many other people who do not look like him. And ghosts can be not as scary as he thought.

Do you like traveling? Don't you think, that the trains have their own individual charming atmosphere and romance? A quick flight by plane will not give so much bright emotion as a leisurely journey by train. Tom Walsh lived long enough in the world. He met lots of different people and knew many interesting stories. He was a calm quiet man who loved travelling. Travelling by trains was his special passion. Tom found it a real pleasure to meet new people. Once he got interested in two American girls in the train during another trip. Tom thought they were smart enough, cheerful and sociable. This is a collection of short stories. It presents numerous interesting situations that Tom got in while travelling by trains.

The book begins as a diary in which one woman leaves a message for her granddaughter. She says that when the girl reads this — she herself will be already dead. She wants her granddaughter to read this diary ?fter her twenty-fifth birthday. Many years ago the grandmother had a good friend — a young student named Milo. He was very silent, intelligent and loved listening to her stories. Once he confessed to the girl how he differed from other ordinary young people of his age. Milo revealed who he really was. At first, the girl did not believe him, but soon she understood that the boy was not lying. She immediately sat down to write a diary to warn her future granddaughter. This information was too necessary.

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