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The passenger who got off the boat looked like an ordinary man. He did not stand out among the others. It was difficult to guess that he had a gun in his pocket. It was even more difficult to assume that he was one of the smartest people in Europe. Valentine was one of the most famous detectives on the planet. He was also a French policeman. This man arrived in London to arrest an elusive villain. The police officers from three countries chased Flambeau, but no one could catch him. The culprit was smart and confident. He could change either appearance or clothes. The only thing that Flambeau could not change was his tall stature. This was Valentine's main lead. And he was sure only of the fact that the criminal did not sail with him on the boat. But he could be hiding in any other place and Valentine intended to find him at any cost.

Bernardo lives in Rome. He really loves hats. One sunny day he is walking around his hometown. The man sees a beautiful hat at a street market. As an admirer of hats, he buys it immediately. The old one he hides in the bag. His wife is very surprised when he comes home. Bernardo has already dozens of hats. The new one seems quite ugly to her. A few days later, the woman takes the hat to the store secretly from her husband. A few more days pass. This hat catches the eye of Anna, a student from the United States. The young girl buys it with pleasure. So the hat goes to California. After some time, Anna is sitting in a cafe in her new hat. A sudden gust of wind takes it and sends flying. Thus the hat gets to the next owner...

Marcia met Howard when she was thirty-five years old. This accidental meeting occurred in the church. The man was six years older. He lived in a small house on the outskirts of the city with his old mother. Marcia lived in an apartment with her sister and father. The woman did not work anywhere. Her father was ill and had to sit in the apartment all the time. He spent his days in bed and could not be alone. Marcia looked after him all her free time. She could go out only when her sister was returning from work. The sister was ten years younger and looked very attractive: a good tan, long soft hair. Many men were interested in Karin, and Marcia always remained in the shadow. No one looked at her and no one wanted to meet or dine together.

This book tells about the most famous criminals in the United States. This is not about ordinary petty offenders. These people became really famous by their deeds. Only the most interesting and unusual cases are presented in this story. Dr. Hawley Harvey Krippen met a young girl named Cora. Harvey's first wife died long time ago. Later he married this beautiful girl. Cora was cruel, domineering and did not love her husband. She was dreaming about the career of the singer and wanted her husband to earn much more money. Doctor's salary was too small to pay for the vocal lessons. Cora was not very good at singing. No matter how hard she tried to perform — she failed to become a famous star. One day she suddenly disappeared.

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