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Поиск по тегу «oscar wilde»

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The action of this comedy takes place in a large apartment in London and in a country estate. The reader meets a young man Algernon from an ancient aristocratic family. Now Algernon is sitting in the apartment and expecting his aunt, who is to come for tea soon. To kill time, he is talking with a footman named Lane. Both men are very fond of philosophizing without any reason. Suddenly his buddy Jack appears. This is a faithful opponent of Algernon in all disputes and endeavors, but at the same time a pleasant conversationalist. Both are tired of secular concerns and constant affairs. Algernon and Jack are extremely irresponsible egoists and like to accuse each other of infantility and frivolity. And these two gentlemen often gather together.

This book includes two stories written by the famous Irish author Oscar Wilde. Both tales are about kindness and self-sacrifice. The first story takes us to a big city. In the middle of the city, there is a statue of the Happy Prince. He is made of gold and decorated with some precious stones. He always looks happy. But in reality, he has a reason to be sad. The Prince asks a little Swallow for help. The Swallow faces a difficult choice, as his friends are waiting for him in Egypt. A Giant is the main character of the second story. He is the owner of a beautiful garden. The Giant is very selfish and he does not allow children to play near his house. That is why Spring never comes to his garden. Only one little boy manages to melt the Selfish Giant's heart and return beauty to the garden.

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