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Поиск по тегу «tim vicary»

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A young pilot Cathy Fox has lost her job. She is said to be seriously ill. But Cathy tells a completely different story. Last year she flew a space-plane called «Space Bird One». Two other girls accompanied her. Helen was another astronaut and Mary was a journalist. The trip was very important and it was broadcast all over the world. The flight was going well until the girls saw a strange object. Mary wanted to discuss it on the TV, but the other girls did not let her. As the space-plane tried to move away from the object, the motors suddenly broke down. The plane went out of the Earth's orbit at the risk of never coming back. Fortunately, the pilots found a way out. What the girls saw on the dark side of the Moon changed their lives forever.

The day did not foretell anything unusual. Police officer Harry Evans is driving along an abandoned country road in a private car and is thinking about some urgent matters. Everything is familiar and too boring. Suddenly a young man notices something very strange. It is a mysterious phenomenon. This thing obviously should not be in the usual suburb. It reminds of cosmic. It looks amazing, as if it came from another world. Is it really… a spaceship? Harry even closes his eyes in the hope of waking up from a ridiculous dream. He begins to hear strange music. Harry stops the car. He is going to learn what has happened here. At this point, the police officer still does not know that in a short time life will change greatly.

The courtroom is full of people. Everybody gathered for the sake of today's court case. Two young men Dan Smith and Simon Clark get up from the dock. The clerk strictly looks at them and asks: «Who killed Mary Jones?» They said: «We are not guilty. We did not do it.» But this can be a lie. There is a possibility these young men are real killers. The police officers found a murder weapon in the stolen car. Later they found some traces of blood on Simon's head. If the jury decides they are guilty – Dan and Simon will be sentenced to prison up to a lot of years. Will the lawyers be able save young people and find out the truth? Each present man in that building also wants to know about the murder of that poor woman. The reader can learn everything too.

In April 1912 a new British ship set sail for the first time. Her name was Titanic. She was big, fast and beautiful. The naval architects were very proud. They said the Titanic was the safest ship in the world. She was unsinkable. The passengers felt happy. Some of them enjoyed the luxury of the Titanic, others hoped to get to America and start a new life there. But their excitement was not to last long. Just in several days the Titanic hit an iceberg and sank to the bottom of the ocean. The tragedy took over 1,500 lives. People still wonder how this could happen to seemingly the safest ship in the world. This book is an attempt to give a detailed description of the disaster. It introduces us to the real passengers and crew members of the Titanic telling their stories and allowing us to go through the terror of that historic night.

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