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At the end of the day, the young Goodman Brown went out into the streets of Salem Village. Then he returned to the house for a second, and his wife Vera kissed him. She desperately asked him to stay at home, but Goodman Brown answered, that he had to make this journey before dawn. Vera looked from the house and the wind started playing with her hair. The young man resolutely went down the road. When he looked back, he saw the figure of his spouse with the pink ribbons in her hair in the distance. The woman was standing on the threshold. Goodman was ashamed to make Vera sad. Still he kept going. It was getting dark and an Indian could be hiding behind every tree. But the man was going to meet his companion and he had to get there on time.

Strong people can easily take care of themselves. They are able to solve their own problems, and a little bit more — to help loved ones, and just people who need it. This is one of the nice possibilities of a really strong person. But what can the weak people do? What if it is a child, a sick person or an animal? And if it's just a small bird? Jan found this bird at the window of his bedroom, on a small ledge outside. The pigeon was wounded. It could not fly and clearly had to die. Ella offered Jan to give the bird to a person who had her own dovecote, but Jan refused. This is his bird and he must take care of it by himself. Ella did not understand him, but agreed. The pigeon felt worse than a week ago. Earlier it tried to fly, but now it was just lying without moving. But Jan was not going to change his mind.

Lieutenant Hermann Braille from Ohio was the best soldier in the regiment. No one knew him too closely, but the general treated Herman very well. Lieutenant Braille was a tall and handsome man. He had blue eyes and long blond hair. He always looked like a real gentleman. Even in battles he managed to wear a clean and tidy uniform. Herman was about thirty years old. He looked like a hero, which artists like painting on their pictures. In another battle, Hermann was just standing on the spot. The bullets and the shells were flying past. He did not make any movements, but nothing hurt him. After this incident, the other soldiers decided that the lieutenant was neither stupid nor immortal, but just a really very lucky man.

People can be courageous even in the most difficult times. The protagonist of this story also proves that he has great power. It was a warm August morning. Kenzaburo Oe got off the train. At such an early time, the city was still sleeping. Everything was unusually quiet. On a similar quiet August day, something fatal happened. The first American plane flew over Hiroshima and dropped a lethal bomb. It changed the familiar world forever. Lot of people say that this historical moment brought World War II to the long-awaited end. And it even saved hundreds of thousands of lives. But this bomb killed dozens of thousands of civilians. Even today, after sixty years, humanity feels the consequences of that awful tragedy.

Everything happened at St. James College. Two men were sitting at dinner and talking. One of them was Professor Parkins. He was a young man who took everything he did very seriously. He told his companion that he was going to leave college the next day. The man was going to play golf on the coast for about two weeks. During this time, he hoped to learn how to play better. After all, any business should be approached as seriously as possible. And golf is really a serious thing. Another man told about the old church of the Knights Templar in a small town nearby. He wanted to know whether it was worth visiting it. He also said that golf was a boring game of no interest for him at all. The professor said visiting a church could be quite an interesting activity.

Can you imagine how it is to lose a child? Most of people will not be able to. Most of people don't even want to think about such things, as they are really heartbreaking. Maggie has always been a brave and quick-witted girl. That's what everyone who knew her said. Everything happened during my driving test. I acted in a right way. I checked the mirrors and the belts. The traffic light turned green. Several pedestrians ahead: a woman and two children. The road ahead was thin and not very convenient. Hands on the wheel: for ten hours and two hours, as the instructor taught. I did everything right and recalled. Recently such things happened that it would be better to forget about them. Once and forever. Still it is impossible.

Everything happened in the city of Suffolk. The road went from the coast and climbed into the hills. A high mansion stood not far from the hill. It was built at the end of the eighteenth century. Behind the house there were other buildings and green gardens and in front of it there was a field of heather. Everybody could see the sea from it. Previously, this building was a popular hotel. And today it still accepts guests. Mr. Thomson came to this hotel. He was looking for a calm and pleasant environment to do his work. The man was the only guest, and the owner of the hotel and his wife kept the house clean. He was going to stay in the city for about a month: in the morning he would study, and in the evenings he would walk and communicate with the locals. During one of these walks, he saw something unusual.

Aunt Brenda runs a guesthouse in Hastings. This town is a popular tourist destination. When people come here, they usually choose to stay at her guesthouse. Aunt Brenda takes great pride in her specialty — 'Full English Breakfast'. Her husband Uncle Ralph is a butcher. All sausages provided by him are an integral part of the 'Full English Breakfast'. All Aunt Brenda's guests have tried the sausages and liked them. But Mr. Dunn is an exception. He refuses to eat the famous sausages because he is a vegetarian. He gave up eating meat for health reasons. Aunt Brenda doesn't take no for an answer. She decides to lie to her guest and gives him meat sausages saying that they contain only soya and herbs. This lie has shocking consequences.

King of the Black Islands Mahmoud died. His young son inherited the throne. Soon he married his cousin. The young man loved his wife very much and thought it was mutual. But the girl was a bad wife. She had no tender feelings for her husband. And also she was a witch. The king and queen had lived together for five years. But this king's happiness was not to last any longer. One day the monarch happened to hear a conversation between two maids. They said it was very sad that the queen did not love her husband. Every night the sly witch poured the sleeping potion into the king's glass and went to her lover. The next night, the king decided not to drink wine. In despair he followed his unfaithful wife to the wood and killed her lover.

Aung San Su was born in Burma in a rich respected family. Su's father was killed when the girl was only two years old. But despite this, her childhood was happy. When the girl was fifteen, the whole family mo moved to India. Su was a very smart girl and became interested in politics. This occupation was very easy for her. She got into Oxford, where she met one Englishman. It turned out to be her destiny. Later the couple married. Su and her husband lived happily, but Su did not forget her father. She remembered that he died for his country — Burma. Aung San Su did not choose the simple life of a quiet and inconspicuous housewife. Her youthful interest in politics was not in vain. It changed her life. And also other people's lives.

The storyline of the book takes place in the early twentieth century. The plot begins with a correspondence between two people. These are Mr. Karswell and Secretary Gayton. Mr. Karswell sends an article to the club. Mr. Karswell considers himself an alchemist. He is very rich — that's all people know about him. Most believe that this person either tells a lie, or believes in something that does not exist. And now Mr. Karswell wants to meet with the club secretary and discuss all questions personally. One day, the secretary dines with his wife and friends. One of the friends says that he had recently seen Mr. Karswell. He lives in the province and communicates very little with his neighbors. People think he is a strange man. No one knows what this man does in his free time.

Small children love the sense of security. They like one and the same thing happening every day. They like everything familiar, and unfamiliar things make them feel uncomfortable. Avusi lives in a small village in Papua New Guinea. His mother works in the city. She takes care of other children. Every morning Avusi wakes up from the sound of his mother's voice as she's going to work. Every time Avusi asks for permission to go with her, but she always refuses. Avusi does not like to be without her. One day he asks if it is true that Mom is working in a house with many ghosts? After that, she allows Avusi to go with her. He learns that there are many other people who do not look like him. And ghosts can be not as scary as he thought.

It was New Year in the city of Shiraz, Persia. Lots of people came to the central square. The king and his family were also present. There was music around and people were dancing. There were snake charmers, jugglers, a variety of drinks and delicious food. Suddenly a man with a beautiful ebony horse approached the king. He told the king that it was an unusual horse. If you pressed a button on its neck, this horse would be able to fly and bring the passenger to any place. The king got interested. He wanted to get such a magical horse. The man agreed to present it if the king allowed him to marry the princess. First the monarch ordered his son to test this horse. The prince pressed the button on its neck and disappeared in the clouds.

Odette was born in the north of France in 1912. During the First World War, her mother gave housing to some British soldiers for free. The girl saw a good example of a strong woman since childhood and this greattly affected her future life. Odette moved to England in 1931 as her husband was English. When World War II began, Odette told the family that she wanted to become a military nurse. But it was a lie. In fact, she became a spy. This is a story about a brave woman who wanted to be useful, like her mother. But her work turned out to be much more important and dangerous. A young spy risked her life and got into very dangerous situations. She managed to make a significant contribution. Not everyone can endure such ordeals as Odette.

Mr. Williams worked in the museum, which was located at the Oxford University. The man expanded the collection of monuments of the English culture of this institution: notes, drawings of churches and country houses. Mr. Williams thought that his work would be the most serene in his life, but even here he found unpleasant surprises. He found many good exhibits for the museum and sent the list to regular customers several times a year — in case some of them wanted to buy something. In response, he received letters with the numbers of photos. On that day, he received another message in which it was reported that he should carefully study one of the pictures. The author of the picture was unknown. It was an image of a country house with a rather high price.

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